Home. The place we hold dear…

…the people we love, the peace and safety we expect. That’s what family law is designed to protect and promote. The family law practice of Big Valley Law is there to protect your family life, your home, you and your children.

Whether you’re preparing for marriage with a pre-nuptial agreement, building your family through an adoption, or beginning a new chapter of your life through divorce, Big Valley is the family lawyer that is there for you from beginning to end, protecting you and your children, and helping you start over again.We protect you from danger with protective orders or defend you from false or malicious charges of endangerment if a protective order is being unfairly used against you.

We help you get the financial support you need for you and your children with alimony and child support.

We help you be there for your children through custody agreements, and we help you share your beliefs and values with them through parenting agreements.

Just as we have been there for many families in Virginia, the family law firm for building your future is Big Valley Law.

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